Intuitive Communication & Vibrational Medicine Course

(Incorporating Medical Intuition) - 6 Month Program

6 Month Program MELBOURNE

  • No Pre-requisite

  • Program consists of six(6) face to face workshops,

  • 4 webinars/zoom sessions plus BONUS

  • 4 individual 30 min zoom/FaceTime sessions (optional)


  • Workshop 1 - February 23rd

  • Workshop 2 - March 22th (prerequisite workshop 1)

  • Workshop 3 - April 19th (prerequisite workshop 1 to 2)

  • Workshop 4 - May 3rd (prerequisite workshop 1 to 3)

  • Workshop 5 - June 14th (prerequisite workshop 1 to 4)

  • Workshop 6 - July 17th (prerequisite workshop 1 to 5)

TIME: 9.00am-5.00pm

COST: $1650 full payment (EARLY BIRD - $1500 by 31/12/2019) discount applied automatically at checkout

OR Payment Plan - $1795 incorporates, Six (6) Monthly instalments of $299;


6 Month Program BRISBANE

  • No Pre-requisite

  • Program consists of six(6) face to face workshops,

  • 4 webinars/zoom sessions plus BONUS

  • 4 individual 30 minute zoom/FaceTime sessions (optional)


  • Workshop 1 - March 7th

  • Workshop 2 - March 8th (prerequisite workshop 1)

  • Workshop 3 - May 16th (prerequisite workshop 1 to 2)

  • Workshop 4 - May 17th (prerequisite workshop 1 to 3)

  • Workshop 5 - July 25th (prerequisite workshop 1 to 4)

  • Workshop 6 - July 26th (prerequisite workshop 1 to 5)

TIME: 9.00am-5.00pm


COST: $1650 full payment (EARLY BIRD - $1500 by 31/12/2019) discount applied automatically at checkout

OR Payment Plan - $1795 incorporates, Six (6) Monthly instalments of $299;


Overview of 6 MONTH PROGRAM

Intuitive Communication and Vibrational Medicine courses are uniquely different as they are designed to assist you in making a connection to your Higher Authentic Self thus healing yourself and thereby creating enormous changes in your life. 

This Course incorporates face to face development with the bonus of education delivered via Webinars or Zoom sessions. By integrating decades of wisdom and knowledge from Michele Hansen’s own professional and personal journey, with original teachings and channelled information you are guided through a process to raise your frequency to the fifth dimension, where connection to energetic pathways, like a highway of information to expand your awareness and frequencies into multi-dimensional portals of your light body accessing Universal Consciousness.

Some of the Ancient original teachings were from records during Atlantis, Lemuria, Greece, Egypt, Medieval, Mayan and other dimensions.  This wisdom and knowledge shared by ancient Sharman, High Priestesses and Priests, included the Primary Universal Laws such as law of reflection, vibration which entails when we think, speak or send out vibrations, everything in the Universe vibrates and responds, everything vibrates a frequency of energy.  We have forgotten these laws which has been written in forms of hieroglyphics, cave painting, ancient books and scrolls has been hidden and its existence forgotten.

Our Intuitive Communication and Vibrational Medicine 6 month program will assist you in bringing forth and integrating all the learning’s, tools and techniques such as Quantum physics, metaphysical healing and new age therapies which allow you to develop your intuition, gifts, talents and ability knowing anything is possible.  At the same time opening your innate wisdom and reconnecting to new possibilities, resulting in the highest levels of joy, abundance and the prospect to manifest your destiny to feel alive, happy and empowered again.

All experiences in all lifetimes are a holographic pattern, as our body holds onto experiences, thoughts and beliefs which reflects everything we feel, think and do we manifest.  You can redesign your outcome! Yes change and become your own director in your life! By cleaning the slate of ‘old patterns’ such as fears, habits, beliefs that no longer serve you and rewrite your story be your true authentic self and manifest your heart’s desires.


Benefits of doing Intuitive Communication and Vibrational Medicine (ICVM) Courses:

  • To gain a deeper understanding of disease and how it manifests in your body

  • By allowing yourself to experience E-motions and to apply this ancient wisdom you can be on a new path to recovery from disease

  • Learn to be mindful of what you think, feel to manifest anything

  • Designed to assist you in creating new patterns of awareness of how to achieve in life and to feel fulfilled in who you are and what you do

  • To awaken you to your awareness that you can have your heart’s desire

  • Give you tools and techniques to develop your innate abilities and intuition

  • To bring clarity to in knowing what you want?

  • Gain knowledge in yourself and how this reflects on you and others

  • How to use this modality on yourself, clients and family

  • To use Intuitive Communication with existing modalities

Each Intuitive Communication Workshop (6 inclusive) has a different themes which build from one face to face workshop to another to create knowledge and wisdom therefore, greater potential to raise your vibration.

Workshop One | Day 1 and 2
Investigates what is Intuitive Communication, ancient wisdom and philosophy and where it comes from, looks into energy and how our the human body manifests dis-ease and the emotional link.  To open your awareness and innate intuition through an awakened state of mind, to the connection to consciousness (universal mind) where we can change our vibrational state. Understand where your light bodies connect and how they are entwined with a higher vibrations, dimensions.

Workshop Two | Day 3 and 4
Awaken to Higher Vibrations through the primary chakras, crystal healing, rune stones, cards, sacred geometry, crystals and how to activate the chakra system and meridians their relationship to disease.  How the to open your connection to your higher consciousness and bring forth your power and love, grace and presence with ease. Discover how sound can assist in tuning into your universal mind as we create a safe space for you to work.

Workshop Three | Day 5 and 6
The practice of Law of vibration, gratitude, love and connecting to the awareness of transformational awakening (reform your connection) to the integration of all things.  To know and be fully conscious of everything is a vibrational energy and to break through the illusions of disconnection to the consciousness or universal mind.  Connecting to other realms and dimensions, allowing self-realisations. Knowing you are breaking through ‘old patterns’ such as limiting beliefs, fears and habits to create freedom in mind, body and spirit.  Releasing and letting go of ego, contracts, vows to manifest freedom, creativity, wisdom, abundance and our heart’s desires. 

Intuitive Communication & Vibrational Medicine course has accredited with International Energetic Healers Association.  On completion of the six workshops you have the opportunity to be registered as an Intuitive Communication and Vibrational Medicine Practitioner.

For further information contact Michele Hansen, Melbourne Australia on mobile +61 0409 945 406

To secure your spot select your preferred payment option and I look forward to meeting you in Workshop 1. I will be in touch prior to the course to confirm further information and arrangements.


2020 Full Day Workshop BRISBANE and MELBOURNE

No Pre-requisite

Workshop includes a full day of information and a few hands on activities to assist in tuning into intuitively communicating with energy. Discover how your can feel, sense and see energy.

BRISBANE - Saturday March 7th, 2020 (Venue to be advised) option to attend Workshop 2 on March 8th

MELBOURNE - Sunday February 23rd, 2020

TIME: 9.00am-5.00pm

VENUE: The Michael Centre, 37A Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood, Melbourne

COST: $275 Register NOW to book your seat!

BRISBANE Location | Choose Workshop 1 or 1 & 2
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This Workshop gives you taste of how to tune into your awareness of how to sense, feel, see energy. To explore your abilities of in attaining greater insight and wisdom on your gifts and talents in your daily life. Discover a simple skills, tools and techniques that has worked for my clients for decades in my profession as a professional practitioner of Medical Intuition, Kinesiology, Naturopath, Herbalist and Quantum Consciousness.

My passion is to assist you to raise your level of awareness and and awaken your true potential, that is to connect with your higher self , other realms, dimensions and consciousness with grace and ease.

Contact us for more details to book you seat.