At Sanctuary of the Heart we empower each person to discover the essence of who they are!

Our passion is sharing our wisdom and knowledge in Natural Therapies. At Sanctuary of the Heart we offer a holistic approach to health and well-being in a caring and nurturing environment.

Your body is a unique map, which has been shaped by experiences, fears, habits, beliefs and genetic references.  Through using our holistic understanding and expertise, we help you to read this map of your body and gain valuable insights which will assist in your ability to recuperate and achieve long-term healing. We are all able to heal ourselves; often we just need guidance to start us on the path.   

Our core values are:

  • Empowerment - To discover and embrace your own ability to recuperate
  • Trust - To create a caring environment built on mutual honesty and trust
  • Integrity - To work ethically with every client on an individual basis
  • Respect - To honour every person who comes to us, as having their own wisdom to share