Feel what you know! Don't try and know what you feel.

After 25 years of experience working with clients in complementary therapies on a more physical level such as Remedial Therapies, Pilates and incorporating my naturopathic studies, I was able to observe and assess muscular-skeletal problems via a person's movement.  But I realised to assist them in releasing their ailments, we needed to go deeper.  By integrating a person's mental, emotional and physical aspects, I gained an in depth understanding of how people manifest their illness.

I was introduced to Hypnotherapy nearly 10 years ago. During this early exploration I attended a Brian Weiss workshop where I experienced an extraordinary past life regression, which ignited my passion to complete a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, a practitioner in Hypnoenergetics® and Past Life Regression practitioner.

I am a trained clinical Hypnotherapist and have trained with The Newton Institute in USA as a Life Between Lives Practitioner. This realm is where we take you to soul state to find out questions you want to know! Maybe you’re wanting to know answers to your life purpose or to connect with your guides, your counsel or your higher self. In this pure state you may receive answers to: why you have chosen this life time, why you have particular people in your life or what are you here to do this time and who you truly are?

Through combining my vast knowledge of the human body and the mind-body connection with hypnotherapy, I can assist long term changes and achieve better health therefore creating positive changes in life. 

Human beings are made up of energy and all our experiences, beliefs and feelings are connected in this energy field. Everything is energy and once we accept this then we can move it easily and naturally.

I use Hypnotherapy techniques to access the subconscious mind where this energy is stored. Here the healing occurs by addressing the energy surrounding the core issue and allow us to move forward in life.  As a practitioner in Past Life Regression I can assist in unlocking a door from a past life to access a hidden memory, contract or lesson.  I give gentle assistance and guidance to you to where the session takes you.

I have recently attended Quantum Consciousness training which expanded my knowledge and wisdom into other realms.  I can now incorporate another energetic therapy into my own life and extend this modality with my clients. 

Hypnotherapy is opening the subconscious mind and connecting it with our conscious mind.  Quantum Consciousness expands our subconscious into other realms that opens our awareness to our Higher Self and connects us to all there is.    


Graduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Practitioner in Hypnoenegetics®

Practitioner in Past Life Regression

Practitioner Life between Lives with The Newton Institute

Certificate in Quantum Consciousness

Diploma in Health

Pilates Instructor (APMA 2 year course)

Brain Gym 101 Certificate

Reike practitioner 1 and 2


Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Inc.

Australian Association of Massage Therapist