"Our life circumstances is a reflection of our thoughts, experiences and core beliefs, which become your biography.  When we remember who we are and begin to let go of life circumstances, then we have the opportunity to rewrite our future.  Letting go and relinquishing control will change your internal vibration and biology in your body.  Rewrite your story and release the old and create your new journey."  Michele Lee Hansen

There are many interpretations on what medical intuition is!  My understanding is 'Medical Intuition' refers to the ability to provide in-depth insights into your current state of health and wellness.  Medical intuition comprises of a medical intuitive practitioner having the ability to "read" and gather energetic information in and around your body.  

Your body holds vibrational messages about your past and present in your energetic fields. By investigating this energetic information a practitioner can sense by either tuning into your energy, observing and asking questions whilst watching your body's responses.  

When you recognise these energetic disturbances in your conscious and subconscious, you have the ability to gain insight into the issue.  Once insight occurs you have the opportunity to change old patterns therefore letting go of beliefs that have be recurring in your life.

Medical Intuition is the art of healing that assists in accessing your innate knowing.  The experience is unique for each person as they remember who they are.  Medical Intuition may assist you to awaken your true potential and manifest and discover your purpose in life.  If you have been looking for answers to how to release a trauma, fear or a habitual pattern or belief, then Medical Intuition may be for you?  

Medical Intuitive session can explore any of the following:

Medical intuition consulatation
  • Live life with purpose and be present
  • Empower yourself to connect to your heart
  • To discover who you really are
  • Create abundance and happiness in life
  • Release blocked energy causing discomfort and disease  

Some information that you can experience during a Medical Intuitive session:

  • Heighten sense of relaxation
  • Placement of Crystals known as crystal griding 
  • Toning and placement of Merkaba
  • Deeper more profound Energy movement
  • Awakening of other realms
  • Kundalini energy rising
  • Symptoms are released