Hypnosis is a natural state in which your conscious mind is relaxed and the subconscious mind is open to making the changes to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Whilst working with clients on a more physical level such as Remedial Therapies, Pilates and incorporating my naturopathic studies, I realised to assist them in releasing their ailments, we needed to go deeper.  The human body can hold onto stress and once we access memories and unlock ‘stuff’ they can change and achieve amazing results.

We as human beings are made up of energy!  Within this energy we hold all of our experiences, beliefs and feelings.  Not all of these experiences, beliefs and feelings are connected to a positive energy sometimes these negative associations can affect our life on a daily basis or it may pop up occasionally depending on the trigger.

 During this journey to unlock the subconscious mind where these events are stored I am there to help guide you to where you need to and choose to go.  It is herein the subconscious mind that the healing occurs by connecting to the energy surrounding the core issue relating to such things as phobias ,addictions, anxiety, depression anger to name a few.   Then the integration of subconscious and conscious minds cements long term positive changes in your life

light filtering through tress

I work with a large range of issues in the area of men and women’s health that include weight management, anxiety, depression, pain management, anger and grief to name a few.               

The transformation in children and teenagers from hypnotherapy is amazing.  The release of triggers surrounding such things as sleep disorders, anxiety, depression and trauma at an early age can be profound.  Releasing the negative energy surrounding an event, belief or feeling at this early age leads not only to a happy childhood but importantly extinguishes any affect these experiences may have in later life. 

Each session is specifically tailored to meet your needs by addressing your unique experiences.  You can create long term changes that will continue to give yourself positive outcomes in your life.


All your experiences from birth and even before birth are recorded in your body, mind and soul.  Past life regression is a deep state of hypnosis taking your soul back past the womb and into one or more past lives. We may need to unlock a door from a past life to access information about yourself which is known on a soul level.  In this deep state of hypnosis, information about such things as why you are here, what your purpose is for living this life, any contracts that may have been made for this life, why you chose the body you have will be revealed.

It is a gentle and illuminating experience that can uncover root causes of current issues in your life, thereby leading to resolution and healing.

During this journey to a past life I am here to help guide your soul where it chooses to go.

Allow yourself to go on an amazing journey with my assistance to reach your full potential....


After completing Life between Lives training in San Francesco with The Newton Institute in 2017, I starting using this remarkable therapy that explores fully the mystery of life between lives, where you are placed in a “superconscious” state of awareness using hypnotherapy techniques.

During a life between life session using Dr Michael Newton’s unique approach to hypnosis, the person’s hidden memories of life in the spirit world are seen after physical death happens. In this “superconscious” state, deep in hypnosis the person describes what occurs to them between lives. They may uncover graphic details about what the spirit world holds for them, where they go, and what they do as a soul, and why they choose to incarnate into certain bodies.

In the life between lives session you may learn the specifics of:

* What it feels like to die

*What happens straight after death

*Why you reconnect with soul mates on Earth

*The purpose of why you choose this life

*Whether you have guides, soul mates, council and more……

For myself my journey of entering my soul states, well there are no words to explain my encounter! I was shown and given many insights and wisdom of why I incarnated into this body as Stephen Savage and why my heart condition manifested. I was informed of why I am here, and what I am here to do in this time. Remembering everyone is uniquely different.

These divine sessions may go for up to 4 or 5 hours. You will need to have a past life session BEFORE a life between lives session can be done. This will help you discover the mysteries and explore your life in the spirit world.