We use a system of natural health care that treats each person as a unique individual with the aim to stimulate their own healing ability with natural medicine principles.  

What is Naturopathy ?

NATUROPATHY is an effective and safe treatment for a wide range of health disorders. Emphasis is placed on treating the cause of a disorder rather than just the symptoms, and dysfunction is corrected using therapeutic remedies that are non-invasive and have no harmful side-effects. The result is to provide long term recuperation.

I spend time taking a thorough health history, and if need conducting diagnostic examinations whilst taking into consideration signs, symptoms and genetics. Any underlying causes contributing to the disorder are investigated, and most efficient and effective treatment is determined. Lifestyle changes, nutritional advice and natural medicines, such as homeopathics, herbal medicines, nutritional supplements are selected according to what is the most appropriate treatment for you the patient. These are therapeutic remedies that when correctly prescribed; ease discomfort, bring balance to body functions and enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Why should I use Naturopathy / Nutritional Medicine?

  • To improve long term health and wellbeing
  • Treatment of chronic illness and immune dysfunction
  • To gain guidance with current medical ailments
  •  To enhance good eating habits, food choices and quality of food
  •  To understand nutritional supplements for your illness
  •  To support and improve energy, and longevity and good health
  •  To maintain a balanced lifestyle which depends on many factors
    • address stress and anxiety
    •  trauma and grief
    • genetics and inherited behaviours
    • medications and environmental surrounding s

Our aim is to educate, empower and enable the person to be pro-active with the treatment and recuperation's of their disease.  Combining therapies enables the client to recuperate in many facets of their life including physically, emotionally and mentally, making it easier to achieve and maintain healthy life changes. 

For assistance with:

  • Enhancing fertility, pregnancy naturally and support with IVF patients
  • Balance Women's Health issues - PMT, menstruation and menopause
  • Energy disturbances - fatigue, tiredness, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties
  • Digestive Disorders, allergies, sensitivities
  • Weight management and control
  • Immune Health
  • Children's Health
  • Recurring pain or injuries
  • Learning difficulties
  • .... and many other ailments and illnesses

 Naturopathy treatments

We employ a range of non-invasive techniques including:


 Herbal medicine

Medicinal therapeutic herbal tinctures or dried herbs can be prescribed to treat your condition. We use the whole part of the herb it's synergy has a more balanced effect on a person.  We support and strengthen your systems within your body to enable you to prevent and overcome illness

 Nutrition and dietary advice

Assist in eliminating toxins which can be due to a poor diet if left unattended the toxins prevents and the body from functioning efficiently and can lead to a range of illnesses.

 Vitamins and minerals

After completing a thorough investigation therapeutic nutritional supplementation may be prescribed to support, enhance the bodies systems to support growth, immunity and eliminate toxins.  Using therapeutic supplements produces the highest quality nutrients required to enhance recuperation.

Why is homeopathy so popular?

  • Homeopathic treatment works with your body’s own healing powers to bring about health and well being
  • You are treated as an individual, not as a collection of disease labels.
  • Homeopathy treats all your symptoms at all levels of your being – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical and finds the ‘like cures like’ match for them.
  • Homeopathically prepared remedies, providing the minimum dose, are gentle, subtle and powerful. They are non-addictive, and not tested on animals.

 What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy treats each person as a unique individual with the aim of stimulating their own healing ability. A homeopath selects the most appropriate medicine based on the individual's specific symptoms and personal level of health.  Homeopathic principles where founded by a German Physician Dr Samuel Hannemann over two years ago. 

 The first principle of ‘like cures like’ can be looked at in several ways. One way is to assume that the body knows what it is doing and that symptoms are the body’s way of taking action to overcome illness. This healing response called termed the vital response. The similar medicine acts as a stimulus to the natural vital response, giving it the information it needs to complete its healing work. Healing of a disease takes place when we heal the symptoms from within firstly then progressing towards the outwards or surface of the body.  An illness is being cured along the established routes of past and present symptoms.

Before the medicines are decided upon, their curative powers are discovered by testing them out on healthy human subjects and carefully noting emotional, mental and physical changes. This is termed a ‘proving’. This information constitutes the basis for ‘like cures like’, for a medicine’s unique symptom picture must match up with the individual’s unique expression of their disease, that is, the present and persisting symptoms of the disease.

The second principle, that only ‘the minimum dose’ should be employed is based upon the understanding that the stimulus of the medicine works from within the vitality and is not imposed from the outside. Only enough is administered to initiate the healing process, which then carries on, driven by its own internal healing mission.